On the edge of the world,

they say, lies the true secret of life... the point where fear and courage, safety and chaos dance in infinite delight.

But to find the edge is no easy task, for the world we have been born into has lost its lustre. No more do we dream and seek the distant horizons... the fertile soils of the unknown frontier.

And this, dear Seeker, is why the Kraken is finally alive.

As an experience brand, The Kraken is Alive embraces the spirit of rock n’ roll, a spirit that speaks to the ideals of benevolent rebellion, truth and exploring our emotions and thoughts without reserve, judgement and fear.

The world today often asks you to be something else. As vanguards of rock, we ask you to just be yourself... to live life like you would on stage -- amps maxed, prismatic lights radiating... and tasting life with every roaring breath.

So, leave your fears behind and join the Kult of the Kraken now, an army of Acolytes that forgo the well trodden path in favour of music, adventure and liberation.

After all, it is only on the other side of fear that freedom lies.

Long live Rock n’ Roll! Long live The Kraken is Alive!

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